Holland-Italy, CM’s report cards: super Locatelli, what a personality! Spinazzola impregnable, Hateboer disaster | First page



Donnarumma 7: careful in the first half on Wijnaldum, crazy in the second half on Van de Beek with a response of pure instinct on the right to a sure shot by the new Manchester United midfielder.

D’Ambrosio 6.5: booked in the first half, decisive in the final with a providential closure on Depay.

Bonucci 6: Suffers a little Depay, but manages to resist. Always useful as a third director like Jorginho and Locatelli.

Chiellini 6: on his return after several months, he starts badly with some backpasses and imprecise disengagement. It grows with each passing minute.

Spinazzola 7.5: a real thorn in the side of the Orange defense, a tireless moped on the left wing. It creates spaces, proposes itself continuously, easily finds the way to cross.

Locatelli 7.5: other than debut, Manuel looks like a veteran. Mancini entrusts him with the corners, he does not tremble. Show personality throughout the game, play with order and rhythm. Sorts the ball well, juggles with charisma: yes, this Locatelli deserves the national team (from 80 ‘ Cristante sv).

Jorginho 7: good in the strait, good at coverage. Usual work of quality and quantity, acts as a hen for Locatelli: he is one of Mancini’s key points.

Stretcher 7.5: makes the general rehearsal of the goal with a dangerous right from the edge of the area. Mancini asks him for insertions in the area, he satisfies him with a precise and punctual header for three very heavy points.

Zaniolo 6.5: lively on the right, look for the eurogol with a spectacular overhead kick that ends high. He comes out with an injury at the end of the first half: for him, for Roma and for all of Italian football, the hope is not to review what happened last January (from 43 ‘ Kean 5.5: he tries with a left in the penalty area that touches the post. In the final he wastes in front of goal after an excellent idea: Cillessen jumps but kicks high).

Property 6.5: he tries in every way. A weak left-handed out, a right-footed one that touches the pole. In the second half he is anticipated by Hateboer when he could look for the 2-0, note of merit for the excellent assist to Barella.

Insigne 6.5: it takes a while to fuel up, but puts Cillessen in trouble twice. In the first half he touches the post with a right turn, in the second he forces the Dutch goalkeeper to dive to deflect the ball for a corner. Bravo to find Immobile in the action that leads to Barella’s goal (from 88 ‘ Church sv: tries with a left-handed in the final, not very precise).


Cillessen 6: careful when called into question, he can do nothing about Barella’s header.

Hateboer 4.5: disastrous, he does not push and does not close, in the 4-man defense he is a fish out of water. Ridiculed by Spinazzola (70 ‘ Dumfries 6: garra and a couple of very interesting crosses, he deserved to play more).

Veltman 5: careless in defense, imprecise in the setting phase. Try to use the club, but the blues avoid any blow. How much de Vrij is missing …

van Dijk 6: holds the position, the only one to save face.

Ak√© 5: he is not a full-back and it shows. When attacked, he goes into difficulty (81 ‘ L. de Jong: enters and is immediately dangerous to the head).

De Roon 5.5: little filter, unrecognizable for dynamism and determination.

Van de Beek 5: he trots across the field, looking for a position he never finds.
(56 ‘ Bergwijn 5: enter to support Depay, combine little.)

F. de Jong 5: plays too short range, never risks the game. And he is too wrong in both phases.

Wijnaldum 6: so much rush, no trace of his famous insertions, but he is the last to give up.

Depay 5.5: it’s not his best night, but he’s left too alone. He fails to draw in acrobatics.

Promes 5: a ghost, never in the match.

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