Ibrahimovic: ‘If I had arrived immediately we would have won the Scudetto. Future? Maybe it’s the last time you see me ‘| First page

The Milan beats Juventus, in the sign of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede gives way to the comeback from the spot and at the end of the game he comments to Dazn: “I’m old, it’s not a secret. But age is only a number. I’m training well, today I managed to play a bit more than the last game. So I can play them all. I’m fine and I try to help the team in every way. Being a coach? I’m president, coach and player. But they only pay me to be a coach. That’s the downside. They are lucky, if I had been here from the first day we would have won the championship (Laughs). Future? There is still a month to have fun, then there are things that are going on here that are out of control. I’m sorry for the fans but it may be that they don’t see me live anymore. Strange situation, if San Siro was full today they could have fun with us. But we do our job, we are professionals and we work. Why last time? Read between the lines (laughs, editor’s note). If I’m having fun? Very. After the injury I went to America, I wanted to feel alive .. Now every time I go out on the pitch I just want to play, at 38 I don’t have the physique but I have intelligence. I don’t enter the field thinking I can do what I was doing at 20, but with intelligence I get there. If I don’t make a difference, I don’t like it. I don’t want to be a mascot, I just want to help the club. ”

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