Insigne: ‘Mutiny paid error. Clashes with De Laurentiis, but I never thought of leaving Naples’ | First page

Lorenzo Insigne tells his story between past, present and future. Napoli forward said in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “The great regret is the beginning of the season, a pity above all for what we are doing now. We have made an important recovery with Gattuso, but the bitterness remains. On the night of the mutiny I would not make the same choice again, but now it is also useless to think about what could have been and was not. It was a mistake, we paid and luckily we recovered. ”

CHANGE IN THE BENCH“I am nobody to judge Ancelotti, a coach who has won everything and especially almost everywhere. The coach is used to great champions, me I always told him that we needed to be put under pressure, even if he was beaten if necessary. I realize that mine is self-criticism: we are professionals, we should walk alone, but perhaps at that moment we needed to feel the breath on our neck. Gattuso demands a lot and motivates us every second. With him I felt at the center of the project, he attributed me responsibility and trust and the relationship is authentic, I hope to pay him back“.

FUTURE “When I was a kid I was inspired by Del Piero and his lap shot, I feel closer to him than to Totti. Francesco wrote me a message asking to become my agent, I calmly replied that I would make other choices. The separation with Raiola was a personal decision that has nothing to do with football nor, as I have heard, because I had to leave with him. I never thought of leaving Napoli, playing in one’s own city is anyone’s dream. Although it is not easy because expectations are always high and at the slightest mistake you pay. No discounts have ever been made to me, but for a couple of years I realized that I had to improve even off the pitch and now it’s much better. The future doesn’t just depend on me, let’s see what De Laurentiis says. Will you propose renewal? I am calm, I have two more years of contract. There is no such problem, if you want I am here. There is an authentic and fair confrontation between us, with some clashes as is normal. ”

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