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If Athens cries, Sparta does not laugh. At Inter the situation is practically this, with Antonio Conte and his strong need to generate controversy, and Piero Ausilio, who absolutely does not intend to experience another season like the last one just passed. Both seem to be on the verge of leaving Inter and perhaps the fate of one depends on that of the other, but everything is still open and it will be until Tuesday at least. when the confrontation between the president Steven Zhang and the Salento coach should take place.

DISSIDI – The rumors about the conflictual relationship between the two are becoming more and more insistent, it seems that the spark has never struck between Ausilio and Conte. Or rather, the constant digs by the former Juventus and national team coach would have slowly ruined a relationship that has now become worn out. Conte is not happy with the market received, Ausilio, on the other hand, does not appreciate the continuous home runs of the coach, who with his broadsides has questioned almost all the corporate sectors.

ROME ON AID – It almost seems that there is only one place for two at Inter and that it is up to Zhang to make a decision shortly. It is not excluded that the president will try to mend, but to continue together it will be essential to put all grudges behind us. Will they succeed? The question is not at all obvious and for this reason the possibility that Ausilio accepts the court of Rome should not be overlooked. The Giallorossi are strongly pressing on the sporting director who would prefer to continue with Inter, but with conditions totally different from the current ones.


As for Conte, however, the meeting with Zhang will be a clarification. Difficult times are expected, considering that the Chinese owners did not appreciate the various and variegated utterances of the technician, also considered harmful to the company. That’s why from this point of view contractual skirmishes could arise in the face of any excessive requests by Conte.

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