Inter, Conte takes out these 6 players for the next year: the list | Market

Second The Gazzetta dello Sport, in home Inter the farewell of 6 players will be born, made out of Conte: “Godin, net of his bizarre denials, will say goodbye at the end of the year. Moses and Biraghi, who never convinced the coach, will go away, even when Asamoah got lost on the street due to chronic knee problems. It will also be a revolution on goal: Conte wants another second, Padelli will remain as third, Radu will return behind Handanovic. Gagliardini is now condemned by the episodes, but has never had a constant performance, although Conte considers him a step forward in Vecino in the hierarchies. Yes, the Uruguayan. He saw himself on the field after the meniscus woes. But already in January he had been close to farewell. And it is natural that the situation will happen again. And even Alexis Sanchez in the end does not fully convince and will be able to greet “.

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