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The current Inter will not be beautiful and not so solid in the defensive phase but from the post-covid it is still winning. Since returning to the field Conte’s team drew in Naples in the Italian Cup and in the 3-3 roccambolesco of San Siro against Sassuolo, for the rest there were victories against Sampdoria, Parma and Brescia.

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Just the usualblack-green beasttherefore prevented Inter from completing the net path in Serie A. 10 points out of 12 arrive only after the 12 of Juventus and Atalanta and are placed in front of the 9 of Lazio. Of course, the calendar has influenced, Lazio for example has faced Gasperini’s possessed 11 player, getting 2 goals ahead and consequently moving away from the leaders Juve. Inter had a series of challenges to take advantage of and, in part, they succeeded. The Nerazzurri, complicit in the defeats of Rome and Naples, they thus “armored” the Champions League and have earned the opportunity to look to the future with more serenity.

But now 9 games are missing in which the nerazzurri will have to do everything to prove they have shortened the gap with Juventus. The second place is an achievable goal and it will be mandatory to try. At the same time, however, you will also have to look over your shoulder. Atalanta from 8 games travel at an impressive rate, in short, they all win against any opponent. Gasperini’s team has a scudetto step and from his has the mad desire to get immediately behind the first. In short, Gasperini is aiming for second place, he wants the points and placement records of the Orobic history. Securing the Champions League qualification we must now think of the “after”, but this “after” are also the next 9 games.

It starts with Bologna and then with Verona two teams in great shape and with great game and self-esteem. Conte must try to go further. There is already talk of the Europa League, of the possibility of winning it, there is talk of the Scudetto market next year but right now it would be appropriate to think about the next match. The Scudetto is now out of range, but improving the placings of the last two years is not something to be underestimated, especially if you think about the viewfinder that Conte has always aimed at. Conte knows this and will keep the threshold of attention very high.

Those who thought that the poor physical condition would have overfavored the “little ones” were partially wrong. Bologna will be a real test for the psychophysical conditions of today’s Inter and Verona will be the test of 9 to understand which placement the team will and will be able to aim for. The 6-0 against Brescia may give morale and awareness but everyone in Appiano knows that the next opponents will not be so compliant.

If you want to aim high, even in August Europe, you must also pass through here. The ferocity must not be missing as well as the attention that, at times, leaves the interpreters on the pitch. Conte will recover important players such as Brozovic and Vecino while D’Ambrosio and Sanchez have put quality minutes in the legs. The race is not over, indeed it is still incredibly long.

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