Inter, it’s the day of truth: Conte also excludes Marotta, face to face only with Zhang? | First page

Stay or go away? The bag on the future of Antonio Conte fluctuates and in Viale della Liberazione there is an excitement to fix things quickly. The Salento coach wants a face to face with his president, therefore without the presence of Beppe Marotta, CEO who had chosen him to lead the project to relaunch the Nerazzurri club. A meeting that already hides some yellow, because according to rumors it should take place tomorrow morning, but many voices would like a first contact already last evening.

TOTAL BREAKAGE – To arouse more than a few suspicions, were the movements of Steven Zhang, arrived on site with his PAGANI HUAYRA and left at dinner time aboard a Volvo driven by the usual driver. The president disappeared in a hurry and it is not excluded that there has already been some contact with the Salento coach. However, today should be the day of the inside or the outside, the day of possible official communications or unofficial. Zhang is at work to understand if the tear can be mended but to date, in addition to the relationship with Ausilio, the one with Marotta also seems to be compromised, lied to by Conte on live TV. The CEO had declared that the skirmishes of the past were now forgotten, while the former coach, at the first opportunity, fished them out again, further exacerbating the tone.

CONTE’S REQUESTS – Satisfying the coach’s requests is not easy, Inter should almost completely change their skin. From communication to management, passing through the guarantees of the next market. Conte is very demanding and Zhang will not be able to satisfy him in full. This is why peace seems far away, given that the coach himself had explained that no reverse is expected. Then there will be the economic aspect to evaluate, because several million dance on the table and Zhang has no intention of swallowing a double joke with the farewell of the coach and a severance pay. The hour of truth is near.

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