Inter, Julio Cesar: ‘Future in the club? You never know. The goalkeeper I recommend is … ‘| Market

Julio Cesar, former goalkeeper ofInter, replies to the Nerazzurri fans from the club’s trophy room: “My best save? The one on Lionel Messi in the Champions League semifinal was beautiful. I scored a lot, but that one was special for the match, for the player … Totti’s spoon, the best goal conceded, made me very angry. I was in my first year at Inter and I didn’t know he had these shots. From that moment on I was always under the crossbar against him ”.

ON THE FUTURE – “Future in the club? I can’t answer, the president is here … In the future you never know, but the relationship I have with Inter is very good for everything that has happened. When I can I always come here to Milan, it’s always very nice ”.

ADVICE – “I say one, but it is already Inter: it is Gabriel Brazao, who now plays in Spain”.

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