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Liquidity is a real problem and if Inter does not rush time, it seriously risks losing Kumbulla. The Nerazzurri moved before any other club and immediately found an agreement with the player, but all this may not be enough because in Viale della Liberazione there are too many market problems to untangle. Skeins that obstruct the incoming movements because of the few funds available. It is true that the Nerazzurri have just sold Icardi to PSG, but there is a balance to close and in addition Inter will have to pay Sassuolo and Cagliari the installments for Sensi and Barella, as well as redeem Pinamonti from Genoa.

INTER SPEAKING AND LAZIO PRESSING – The dialogues with Verona have always been clear: “We need time, but we assure you to close the deal.” This is the gist of the speech, the meaning of the words spoken by Marotta to the Giallobl├╣, who have so far waited. To date, however, the pressing of Lazio has become more suffocating (even Juve has not completely withdrawn and at the moment observes interested by the third inconvenient), the Biancocelesti are ready to close by June 30 while the Nerazzurri cannot. For this reason, the situation may change at any moment, even if for now the resistance of the footballer remains standing, which for its part already has an agreement with Inter. All this is absolutely not especially true for Lazio and Lotito, who in the afternoon met, in his Roman residence, Setti, president of Verona. The step is one of the important ones, a move capable of burning competition.

BEACHED MAROTTA – Lotito insists and has no intention of pulling the oars on the boat. Inter take time with diplomacy. In Milan they have to settle matters related to Perisic, Joao Mario, Nainggolan, Lazaro and singer company. The time available may not be there but at least until Monday Marotta said he was fairly calm on the Kumbulla issue, although certainly he could not expect this new and sudden accelerated biancoceleste. Today’s meeting led to an accelerated biancoceleste: according to what learned from, the offer is one of the important ones, which could make the Scaliger club waver. The deal is not yet closed, but the biancoceleste insertion is decided.

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