Inter, Lukaku and Lautaro are a show | A league

Inter reach the final in Cologne with Lukaku and Lautaro in great shape. This is what the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“All in one night, as the Nerazzurri people dreamed of. La Lu-La is a show, Inter is a show. In Moscow 22 years ago, Ronaldo’s ballet in the midst of frozen mud gave way to the Uefa Cup final then won against Lazio, in Barcelona 10 years ago Mourinho’s fort was used to build the base for the Treble. Now here are Lautaro’s horns and Lukaku’s power: 4 goals and 2 assists in pairs, this is the image that brings Inter from Dusseldorf to Cologne, to the final with Sevilla. Everyone was waiting for the Lu-La and the Lu-La is very high. Fifty-four goals this season in two, 10 games in a row to score in Europe: a real show ”.

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