Inter Milan, the report cards of CM: redemption Bastoni. Lukaku, football is not sumo | First page

Handanovic 6: Gervinho electrocutes him from too close a distance to think about intervening.

D’Ambrosio 5.5: He gets very angry with Candreva but on Gervinho’s goal, not even his position is perfect. Difficulty taking measurements.

De Vrij 6.5: In a defense in clear difficulty, he is the one who manages not to lose his compass. Find the 1-1 with a header and start the Nerazzurri comeback.

Godin 5.5: He tries hard and often comes up with interesting games, but Kulusevski goes away often and willingly. Biraghi is not helping him and neither is Conte looking for tactical support solutions. Only in the storm, unwanted guest of a form that puts him at the door.

(From 28 ‘s.t. Sticks 7: It is never easy to be decisive on entering the bench, for a defender, then, the task is even more difficult. He does it very well, picks up Moses’s assist in the penalty area and he is very alone, with the door wide open, he doesn’t do like Gagliardini).

Candreva 5: He takes the predictable pretense of Gervinho and ends up sitting on the ground, opening the way to the Ivorian towards the goal. Many useless races and desperate chases. Without ever getting anywhere.

(From 24 ‘s.t. Moses 6.5: Hakimi’s arrival opens the door to his farewell, but approaches the match with the right mentality and offers Bastoni a very delicate assist).

Pennants 5.5: A lot of will. Like the limits, on the other hand.

Stretcher 6: Try to tie the departments running from one area to another and empty your lungs.

Biraghi 5: It makes Godin lack any kind of support, but even in attack he is void.

(From 24 ‘s.t. Young 6: This time he enters the field with the right concentration and does not generate disasters. He has a good chance on the right but he can’t angle the ball.

Eriksen 4.5: A ghost. He gets lost between the lines, he doesn’t say the passage and he is a real man less for Inter.

(From 24 ‘s.t. Sanchez 6.5: It is the most fit of the advanced department, at this time it should be forbidden to remove it from the field. He enters very well and helps the Nerazzurri to unhinge the perched defense of Parma.

Lukaku 5.5: A shot on goal, at minute 80. The whole game is a continuous melee with Bruno Alves, but football is not sumo.

Lautaro 5.5: Bad game, partly improved with the winning side for de Vrij.

(From 44 ‘s.t. Borja Valero: s.v.)

Count 6: Inter unwatchable for 70 minutes. Low-cut and predictable team, unstable in defense and exposed to the restart of the hosts. He improves his report cards thanks to the changes, which this time prove him right.

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