Inter to work for Emerson Palmieri: new contacts with the player and Marotta ‘s promise | First page

Inter presses hard on the accelerator, Emerson Palmieri is no longer just an idea, but a concrete goal to be reached as soon as possible. Also for this reason the Nerazzurri company took care to understand if ex Roma could count on the Growth Decree and the response was positive. Between yesterday and today, Italian intermediaries of the footballer, have had other contacts in this regard and from Viale della Liberazione they make it clear that the class in the left is the ’94 favorite.

INTER’S PROMISE – Emerson Palmieri is looking for continuity, has a European to conquer and wants to do it as a protagonist. The Conte project, needless to say, is the one that best suits it and Inter has become very unbalanced with the promises against him. There is a need to negotiate the price with Chelsea, in turn looking for a left-back, and the evaluation, after the health emergency, no longer seems to be that of a few months ago. Rather, we are far from the Blues’ almost 40 million euro request. Inter move forward, the footballer has already chosen, his desire is to return to Italy and Conte already foretells a whole new pair on the side lanes. After Hakimi, the other blow could be Emerson Palmieri.

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