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No way. Inter lost the Europa League final, leaving behind a trail of regrets and the unpleasant smell of mockery. The cup went to Sevilla for the sixth time in its history. In the first half he liked it more, with that game that passed from one side to the other, a fast and refined dribble, a continuous movement on the outside where Regulion-Ocampos on the left and Jesus Navas-Suso on the right created continuous problems for Inter. . But in the second half he scored the winning goal with a deflection from Lukaku, the cup man, in his goal, while Inter in those 45 minutes had three clear scoring. Not only that, Sevilla’s 3-2 goal was born with a wonderful overhead kick by Diego Carlos, then deflected by Lukaku: he was the defender who had knocked down the Belgian center-forward in the area and who had only taken the yellow, while he was probably from red. .

FLASHED START – In the first half it was not a match, but a fireworks display. One to zero for Inter, two to one for Sevilla, two by two in the 45th minute. A penalty granted, another risked, Conte angry and warned, the former Inter player Banega who went to tell him to sit on the bench, the Dutch referee Makkelie constantly besieged. In short, a real final, one of those that nail you in front of the TV. However, at the end of the first half the result was right. Inter scored after less than 5 minutes with a Lukaku penalty, landed shortly before by the disastrous Diego Carlos. The Belgian was thrown by Barella, very ready to steal the ball from Banega and to trigger the Nerazzurri striker. On that occasion, Diego Carlos was only given a yellow card and Conte went wild: the red was fine too. Sevilla immediately resumed the game and drew seven minutes later. Inter were suffering from constant changes of pitch and the accuracy of the Andalusians’ fluid and rapid dribble. The equal of De Jong came after a very beautiful action built through thirteen passes in a row and finished by a perfect cross by Jesus Navas: in that action, the Nerazzurri’s difficulty was precisely to intercept the passing lines of Sevilla and , in the final part, all the defense ran out of time, starting with Godin who got fooled by De Jong’s flight.

BETTER SEVILLE – It was a phase of good Andalusian football. The quality of Banega and Jordan was superior to that of Gagliardini and Brozovic, while the outsiders Suso and Ocampos created continuous problems. Sevilla took the lead with another header from De Jong, Lopetegui’s surprise move, on a Banega free-kick. On that occasion Young slept because De Jong broke away from his marking, flew to the far post where Banega’s cross reached him, header behind Gagliardini with the ball on the far post, impossible for Handanovic to get there. Two minutes and Inter had the extraordinary merit of equalizing, more or less in the same way. Foul of the unpresentable (until then …) Diego Carlos, still up
Lukaku, Brozovic’s free kick, Godin’s header (on the shoulders of the usual Diego Carlos) and two by two.

INTER OPPORTUNITIES – In the second half the match almost died out. Now there was much more attention on both sides. The pace has dropped and Sevilla’s phrasing has lost its brilliance just enough to allow Inter to start the counter-attack. Gagliardini missed the first ball for the 3-2, Lukaku did even worse when Bono rejected a shot from two steps and shortly after his own deviation into his own goal gave Sevilla the victory and the Cup. Lukaku’s touch came on a splendid overhead kick from Diego Carlos, the player who had risked being sent off. Conte made three changes, Eriksen, Sanchez and Moses in place of Gagliardini, Lautaro Martinez and D’Ambrosio. Sanchez had the 3-3 ball, but Koundé sent it back. It ended like this, in the most mocking way for Inter.


Goal: Lukaku 5 ’(rig), 12’ 33 ’de Jong, 36’ Godin, Diego Carlos 29 ’s.t.

Assist: 12 ‘Navas, 33’ Banega, 36 ‘Brozovic.

Seville: Bono; Navas, Kounde, Diego Carlos, Reguillon; Jordan, Fernando, Banega; Suso (from 32 ‘Vazquez), de Jong (from 41’ s.t. Nesyri), Ocampos (from 25 ‘s.t. Munir). All: Lopetegui

Inter: Handanovic; Godin (from 45th century Candreva), de Vrij, Bastoni; D’Ambrosio (from the 33rd century Moses), Barella, Brozovic, Gagliardini (from the 33rd century Eriksen), Young; Lukaku, Lautaro (from 33rd century Sanchez). All: Count

Ammonites: Diego Carlos (S), Barella (I), Banega (S), Bastoni (I), Gagliardini (I)


Referee: Makkelie

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