Inter, Zhang: ‘Very positive season, Conte’s great job. In the coming days we will think about the future ‘| First page

Steven Zhang, president ofInter, thanks the team for a successful season after the final of Europa League, lost 3-2 against Seville. To the microphones of Sky Sports the Nerazzurri number one commented on tonight’s match against the Andalusians and took stock of the season.

THANKSGIVING – “I think we have to thank all the operators and doctors in the world, who protect our lives in recent months. Without them we could not live as we are doing these days. We dedicate the game to their efforts.”

ON THE SEASON – “The balance of the season is very positive, we are on a path that allowed us to reach the final of the Europa League and fight to win it. Two years ago we could not have imagined it. We are doing a great job. Obviously winning or losing is part of football. , but reaching the final makes us optimistic. “

TARGETS – “Now we will rest, players and staff deserve to rest. The season will start shortly, next week we will think about the future. The goal does not change, we want to improve further, we will try again next year. The best part of the competition is trying to always improve. “

ON THE FUTURE OF CONTE –I have to admit that the manager and his staff are doing a great job. As I said, these days we will rest and think about the future. We will use the next period to plan for the future ”.

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