Intermania: Eriksen on the bench and Gagliardini the owner, what does Messi say? | First page

Thank you“. Inter buys a page in the newspapers on newsstands today to thank their fans (“for pushing us this far“) and the players (“for giving everything“). Two components who, in turn, should thank each other. Losing a final always hurts and several singles missed the important appointment, but it would not be fair to blame those who have always given their best, even going beyond their limits.

Conte had found a broken locker room. Icardi and Perisic are in the Champions League final, but without them now the Nerazzurri are a team united on and off the pitch. Unfortunately the same cannot be said between the coach, management and ownership: the tear with Marotta and Zhang is difficult to mend, so much so that Allegri has already been alerted.

Messi is the big (forbidden?) Dream on the market. In Barcelona there is an air of divorce, but it would be interesting to get inside the Argentine’s head: who knows what he thought seeing Gagliardini on the pitch and Eriksen on the bench for 78 minutes … And then: why are you thinking of leaving? If the answer is to go to another team with more chances to excel immediately in Champions League, then there isn’t race with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. Instead, if Leo is looking for a new, harder and more fascinating challenge, Inter can dream.

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