Tonali at Milan is a defeat, but Suning spends all right |Rangdhonubd

A dream shot. Sandro Tonali crowned his childhood dream of wearing the Milan shirt, which in turn realized the dream of blowing him at Inter.

By winning a transfer market derby, since on the pitch he has only won two of the last eighteen in the league …

Teasing aside, the transfer of Tonali from Brescia to Milan represents a defeat for Inter.

Just as it was that of another young talent born in 2000: Kulusevski, who moved from Parma to Juventus via Atalanta. In these two cases the Juventus managers first and the Rossoneri ones then did well to beat the Nerazzurri’s competition, who do not hide behind the tale of “The Fox and the Grape“. As some of their colleagues often and willingly do when they fail to achieve certain objectives:” We pulled back, it doesn’t matter anymore. ”

That said, another fable must be denied: the one according to which Suning does not invest in the market. So far, Inter has already spent 86.5 million in this transfer campaign euro: 40 million for Hakimi, 25 million for Stretcher, 20 million for Sensi and 1.5 million for Kolarov. A figure in line with the great European teams apart from Abramovich’s Chelsea, the undisputed king of this market. Where everyone (including Inter, after Vidal it will be necessary to sell before buying still) are dealing with the economic crisis due to coronavirus: think of the fact that Real Madrid did not shell out a euro


Chelsea: 223.2 million Euro.

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