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The market value of Arthur, 24 years from a little over a month, is not 70 million, how likely Juventus will balance it (but it could also go beyond this figure). As well as Pjanic’s fair assessment is not 60 million, which the Bianconeri have sent to Barcelona: it is more reliable and older than the Brazilian, however it cannot cost much. All the more so with the post-coronavirus economic difficulties. This is an operation which, in addition to having technical implications, also has (or perhaps above all) an important financial aspect: blessed, cursed capital gains. But the purchase of Arthur at these figures is, for Juve, a huge risk.

To justify such an investment, combined with a top player salary (5.5 million per season for 5 years), Arthur must become a champion, a fixed point in the Juventus of the future. If it fails or still has a performance below expectations – as happened for example in Rabiot – the Juventus club would remain a prisoner of that assessment and that engagement. Because if today Agnelli can think of getting rid of Rabiot – taken on a zero basis – at even a modest sum, as long as he leaves, he could not behave in the same way with Arthur. In a year’s time, for example, he should sell it to at least 60 million to avoid a loss. But who would bet such a high figure for a player who has disappointed Juve and earns 5.5 million net? therefore It is essential that the Brazilian take Juve, as he failed to do with Barcelona.

The game of capital gains is dangerous, a vicious circle that envelops finances and budgets. Many of our great clubs remained prisoners of it some time ago, the feeling is that too many companies – not only Italian ones – can fall again. Because Arthur is not worth 70 million and Pjanic is not worth 60.


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