JUVE, ARTHUR SAID YES! After the last details, exchange with Pjanic is done | First page

Arthur’s yes was missing, it has arrived. And today the last details related to the Brazilian engagement were also filed.

THE TURNING POINT – On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the turning point, the offer that convinced Arthur’s agents to push them too for the transfer to Turin. And today the last details have been filed, a possible situation because after another night of reflection Arthur gave the ok to close.

THE DETAILS – There has been a small attempt to play on the upside in the last hours, without the expected effects on the fixed part and which will only materialize with the bonuses. Arthur will sign a four-year contract, earning a salary of between 5 and 5.5 million net per season. The day today therefore slipped away mainly to define technical details and ancillary charges, hours of work more for lawyers than for executives and prosecutors.

THE NEGOTIATION – All done already as far as the other parties are concerned. Between the fixed part and the bonus Miralem Pjanic will be valued between 60 and 65 million euros, with the Bosnian going to earn almost 8 million net per season. While Arthur will break through the wall of the 75 million bonuses included. The discount requested by Juve not to include other players has arrived, but the redemption of Matheus Pereira for 8 million may also no longer occur, assessments underway from this point of view.

SIGNATURES AND VISITS – Now there will be Juve-Lecce, then Celta-Barcelona. Then between Sunday and Monday we will also proceed with the usual medical visits and then the signing of contracts. Last formal steps before the return to the base of the two players, who on balance could challenge each other perhaps in the Champions League with their shirts and then exchange them definitively at the end of the game.

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