Juve-Barça, Pjanic for Arthur: medical examinations tomorrow | Market

Deal made between Juventus and Barcelona for the Pjanic-Arthur exchange. Second Tuttosport, the 23 year old Brazilian midfielder tomorrow he will be at J Medical for medical examinations. The Bosnian director will travel the reverse journey and is expected in Catalonia in the next few hours. Then the two clubs will formalize the market operation by next Tuesday 30 June to enter the rich deal in this budget: 47 million capital gain for the bianconeri and 55 million for the blaugrana. Juventus will sell Pjanic to Barcelona for 60 million and will invest 70 to buy Arthur. Equalization of 10 million (probably 7-8 immediately and 2-3 in bonuses) in favor of the Catalans. The Bosnian is 6 years older than the Brazilian and earns 7.5 million euros net per season. Arthur has accepted a five-year contract worth 5 million euros per season plus bonuses. The exchange, which will only be effective in the 2020-2021 season, will allow Juventus CEO Fabio Paratici to hit a first goal also from a strategic point of view: lowering the average age and the number of hires of the squad.

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