Juve-Barça, what’s missing: lawyers at work to complete contracts never seen before. Arthur leaves today, Arthur in Italy tomorrow First page

Here we are, the finish line banner is getting closer: Miralem Pjanic and Arthur Melo are ready to become new players in Barcelona and Juve respectively. The agreement between the companies has been in place for months, as has the agreement between the Bosnian and the Catalan club: the Brazilian’s yes arrived in the last few days after weeks of pulling-and-spring was decisive to unlock the operation. Lawyers are working to fix the final details and to exchange documents between clubs: an important step, more delicate than expected. After the autographs of the contracts, in fact, the players will remain in the old teams for another two months. It is therefore necessary to resolve the last issues relating to any accidents.

THE PROGRAM – Nuances, however, of a solid and total agreement. So much so that, in the next few hours, the players are ready to leave for their respective new destinations. According to what learned from, Miralem Pjanic will leave this evening for Catalonia, so as to carry out the medical examinations in the next few hours and maybe be back for Tuesday’s match on the Genoa pitch. Arthur, on the contrary, is called up for Barcelona’s commitment, on stage this afternoon at 5pm on the Celta Vigo pitch. At the end – probably tomorrow morning – he will leave for Turin.

NEGOTIATION – Agreement closed on Thursday: the upward offer from Juve was decisive, which offered the Brazilian an engagement between 5 and 5.5 million euros net per season. Between the fixed part and the bonus, Juve evaluates Pjanic 60-65 million, while Arthur will touch 75 million. An economic compensation of 10 million euros is therefore also envisaged.

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