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Purchasing on a free transfer has always been a priority. Business and opportunity, but this year Juventus has also changed its guideline in order not to burden its wages. Of course, purchases at maturity require a heavier salary, the latest cases of Ramsey and Rabiot have not given great satisfaction at least in their first year unlike many successful operations in the past. This year, the investment strategy is different, especially under the heading of engagements: Juve did not want to proceed on multiple free-transfer operations.

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HOW MANY NO – For weeks, the Juventus management has said no to opportunities Jan Vertonghen and Willian, both free in the Premier League and offered several times before Benfica and Arsenal invested in them with very important contracts. Nothing that made a difference on a technical level and excessive salaries, Juve slowed down immediately. Another operation that does not convince precisely for the economic aspect is Edinson Cavani, proposed to Juve for months but with very high engagement requests. Getting rid of Higuain to go to the Matador is not the correct strategy, which is why the guideline on zero parameters has changed compared to previous years. But from next summer, with many important players expiring in 2021, the return is not excluded …

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