Juve, De Ligt’s father-in-law: ‘What a couple with Bonucci! He dreams of the Champions League with the bianconeri ‘| Market

Matthijs De Ligt and Leonardo Bonucci: “What a couple!”. Word of Keje Molenaar, father of the defender ‘s girlfriend Juventus AnneKee, which a he comments: “The tandem with Bonucci is working well, the collaboration between them is very good. Matthijs is in very good shape and he is really playing very well. I hope he can continue on this path, it is very important for his teammates. Both Bonucci and Chiellini are two international defenders, among the strongest on the world scene. Honestly I don’t think there will be a preference, because Matthijs will be able to play very well with both. Ronaldo’s advice to De Ligt to join him at Juventus? He never mentioned it , also because everyone saw those scenes that took place both in the match he played against Juventus in the Champions League and against Portugal in the Nations League. I can say that it was very beautiful. Matthijs’ dream? His dream is to win the Champions League with Juventus shirt “.

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