Juve defenseless: Rugani is a mystery of 3.5 million a year, Chiellini is never there and Bonucci without De Ligt is anybody | First page

Matthjis de Ligt was missing against Milan. And it has been seen, it has been felt. Against Milan also Giorgio Chiellini was missing, recovered in time for the bench where he remained throughout the game: also on the black and white captain there would be reasoning to do, there would be many questions to ask about why after the “lightning” return that saw him take the field against Brescia and Spal then he actually disappeared between a muscle problem and the other pre and post-lockdown, the fact remains that Maurizio Sarri has not yet been able to count on him. Being forced to never let the couple De Ligt-Leonardo Bonucci catch his breath, also waiting for the recovery of Merih Demiral. Why forced to never make them catch their breath? Because Daniele Rugani after years of Juve is still more or less the same player as when he arrived from Empoli. Only that he is now 26 years old (he will turn 29 on July), only that he now gains the beauty of 3.5 million net per season, only that now instead of deserving more and more space with the arrival of his mentor Sarri is finding less and less despite the serious injuries of Chiellini and Demiral: it is finding less and less, but it would be more correct to say that it is deserving less and less. Because the performance with Milan is emblematic, a diligent hour (not exciting or certainly dominant) and then the collapse at the first difficulty. Evidently it cannot be a coincidence that despite the management’s attempts, in the end the right offer never came, as much as Juve would have been satisfied with much less than what he hoped to achieve in the past. And that 3.5 million net salary, doubled just a year ago, represents a ballast that will complicate the plans to be released in the coming months. AND BONUCCI? – But then at San Siro there was also Bonucci going to the bottom. Indeed, he most of all. The penalty comes perhaps fortuitously, but why does he widen his elbow when Rebic still had to hit the ball? And how does KessiĆ© jump so easily into the penalty area? First acts of a saga of horror clamorosthe. That reopens doubts about him too. Of course, there is also Bonucci among those who can boast of having some merit in the dominant explosion of De Ligt, his movement on the center left has ensured that each square settles in its place already when Demiral had ousted the phenomenon (because of phenomenon is) Dutch. But in the long run, when it really matters, the feeling is that Bonucci is much less special than his CV says. In Lyon it was very bad, for example, without a new muscle problem probably Chiellini would have played against De Ligt against Inter. More generally, from his return to Juve, when he finds himself without Chiellini or maybe without De Ligt, he appears in difficulty as a normal player, like any Rugani. Except that Bonucci also earns as an absolute top player, the discount granted to Juve just to return to the base has left room for a new increase in the renewal, the number 19 earns over 7 million net per season, although it is almost normal at Juve. One like this should always deserve them, not only when his shoulders are covered. But luckily his and Juve’s De Ligt is now back and Chiellini is also about to end his entire year as an injured player.

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