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Juventus completes the +7 operation, extending the advantage over Lazio and for a change it still does so with the help of CR7. It is he, in fact, who unmarks Dybala who unlocks the 0-0 in the second half, he is the one who procures and transforms the penalty of the 2-0 and he is still the one to free with a heel strike Higuain, who just entered the 3-0 sign. Then comes the goal of De Ligt, but the final 4-0 must not be deceiving, because Juventus is silent or almost in the first half finished 0-0, spreading only in the second half against a Lecce already remodeled at the start and above all with a man in less than half an hour for the expulsion of Lucioni.
All is well that ends well, in a black and white key, also thinking about the important recovery of Higuain, but Liverani’s team for a time plays on par with that of Sarri and therefore the championship is not yet closed, if Lazio will have the desire and strength not to give up ahead of the provisional ranking.

BRIVIDO SALENTINO – It had to be a game with a foregone conclusion, because Juventus had the great opportunity to further detach Lazio and above all because Lecce is the team with the worst defense in the league, having previously scored 60 goals, averaging 2.2 a game. A Lecce, by the way, in a largely reworked formation, while Sarri confirms the eleven who won in Bologna with the exception of Matuidi in place of the injured De Sciglio. And instead it is Lecce to scare Juventus and not the other way around. Rispoli is the first to have the ball of the possible 1-0 on his feet but kicks high from an excellent position. The thrill does not shake Juventus suffering from the surprising personality of the Salentines once again shooting with Mancosu, blocked by Szczesny.

JUVENTUS ANNEBBIATA – It may be because he underestimated the opponent, it will be because the condition is still rough, or simply because Juventus has rarely enchanted this year, but the bianconeri seem unrecognizable, slow, without ideas and therefore without play. The Bentancur-Pjanic-Rabiot midfield trio remains poorly matched and so the offensive trident remains isolated, despite Bernardeschi’s great movement on the right, Dybala’s returns to the center and Ronaldo’s shots on the left. The only occasions are the result of individual ideas and in any case always without precision. Rabiot is wrong to kick too weakly the first shot towards Gabriel, but above all he misses Ronaldo who tries a reversed shot to the side. Too little to worry Lecce who continues to play with incredible tranquility in the first half hour, often putting Bernardeschi and his team offside.

LUCIONI GIFT – Suddenly, though, Lucioni loses a ball in contact with Bentancur who is about to fly alone and lands it. It is an incorrect intervention on an opponent with a clear scoring chance and therefore a red card and Lecce with one man less for an entire hour. It seems the beginning of the end and instead nothing changes, a little because Lecce does not close in their own half and a lot because Juventus continues to make mistakes at the time of the match. Ronaldo, left guilty alone, fails the deviation of the head and then Bernardeschi is to send over the crossbar by two steps. Against all odds, the first half ends 0-0 and is not a scandal for what has been seen, indeed has not been seen, so far.

ONE-TWO JUVE – After the interval, Liverani decides to insert Rossettini in the place of Petriccione, without prejudice to the emergency 5-3-1 with Falco only striker. Sarri, however, waits a few minutes to relaunch Douglas Costa to the right, with Bernardeschi moved to the left in place of the sacrificed Rabiot. The turning point, However, comes thanks to the Ronaldo-Dybala couple when the Portuguese mark the Argentine in the center who controls and brushes left a delicious ball destined for the corner where Gabriel cannot go. 7 minutes pass and CR7, knocked down by Rossettini, earns and transforms the penalty of 2-0. Game closed now, but Liverani suddenly remembers Babacar, inserting him in place of Falco.

WELCOME BACK HIGUAIN – Quite another meaning have the last changes of Sarri that after the Bentancur-Ramsey relay in the final quarter of an hour he raised Higuain, to the first game after the long break and makes the 22-year-old Bricklayer debut in Serie A, respectively in place of Dybala and Bernardeschi. And Higuain himself, unmarked by Ronaldo’s heel, rounds off the score with a big left, to remind everyone that he is also in the sprint towards the championship. This could be enough, but De Ligt signs the exaggerated 4-0 in the final with a header that definitively destroys the nonexistent poor Lecce of the second half.


Juventus-Lecce 4-0

Scorers: s.t. 8 ‘Dybala (J), 17’ Ronaldo rig. (J), 38 ‘Higuain (J), 41’ De Ligt (J).
Assist: s.t. 8 ‘Ronaldo (J), 38’ Ronaldo (J), 41 ‘Douglas Costa (J).
Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Bonucci, Matuidi; Bentancur (23 ‘s.t. Ramsey), Pjanic, Rabiot (7’ s.t. Douglas Costa); Bernardeschi (32 ‘s.t. Mason), Dybala (32’ s.t. Higuain), Ronaldo. Available Buffon, Pinsoglio, Rugani, Olivieri, Wesley. All. Sarri.
Lecce (5-3-2): Gabriel; Rispoli, Vera (33 ‘s.t. Calderoni), Lucioni, Paz, Donati; Petriccione (1 ‘s.t. Rossettini), Tachtsidis, Mancosu (27’ s.t. Barak); Falco (18 ‘s.t. Babacar), Shakhov. Available Vigorito, Chironi, Radicchio, Monterisi, Meccariello, Saponara, Colella, Maselli. Her. Liverani.
Referee: Piccinini of Forlì.
V.A.R .: Valeri di Roma 2.
Expelled: p.t. 32 ‘Lucioni (L).
Warned: p.t. 38 ‘Bentancur (J).

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