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There is still no agreement. It will come, a little by choice and a little by force. But the white smoke for the termination of Gonzalo Higuain’s contract with Juventus has not yet arrived. A question of time, a question of money, a question of the future. It will take a little more patience, from when Nicolas Higuain arrived in Turin, the talks are going on almost daily, the turning point for the negotiation was precisely the arrival in Italy of Pipita’s brother-manager who has known for some time that the word end is no longer postponable. It is therefore, it goes on indefinitely until the economic agreement is identified to say goodbye.

RESOLUTION – Yes, because now and inevitably, it is only a question of money. Few discounts from Higuain to Juve, none as regards the part of the salary frozen last season in full lockdown. He will give up something for the last year of his contract, but not much. Juve, which will probably already have to record a heavy capital loss (as of June 30th the residual credit was 18.2 million), aims not to go beyond 50% of the net salary of 7.5 million, still too little for the Higuain thought. small steps the parties are getting closer without forgetting how with the passing of the days another monthly payment (in this season of 10%, therefore 750 thousand euros net) is about to be triggered automatically.

AND THEN … – To slow down the last phase of the negotiation there is also some additional thought on the future of Pipita. Because until he has finally decided on the new team, Higuain will not terminate with Juve. Which therefore treats and waits at the same time. With the‘Inter Miami who has so far presented the most attractive proposal, but before marrying another world of football like the US one (where Federico Higuain, brother of Gonzalo and Nicolas, already plays with the D. C. United shirt) Pipa wants to think about it a little longer.

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