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Lazio call, Juve answers. In Genoa, in front of the rossoblù, you can see it perhaps the best game of the bianconeri against a closed double-ended opponent, one of those teams that don’t give you a meter, shield the central midfielder with the two attackers, make walls in the middle, double up on the opponent’s bearer, obstruct, obstruct, pile up.

Yet, against such a team, Juve pressed high in the first, managed the ball making it turn and sought the goal with the only possible solution, the shot from a distance. The one who tried the most was Cremain Ronaldo and the fact that he did not succeed is attributed to Perin’s skill, amazing, in truth, when Cristiano shot into the area on an assist from Dybala and put under the crossbar. The goalkeeper in flight and with his open hand managed to deflect in a corner.

But Perin had been good even before. On Bernardeschi and twice with Ronaldo.

Juve has won once again without deploying a center forward and this should be noted. Of course he has such good players that, at times, attacking the area and depth is not necessary, but if I were in Sarri I would try to modulate the presence of Higuain not only in the current game.

What I mean?

That against a defensive Genoa to the bitter end, sooner or later you come to the head also with individuality. Instead, in the presence of more structured opponents (and I am not thinking only of Lazio, but also of Atalanta, Sassuolo and Milan) there is a need to extend the defense of others, under penalty of constantly bouncing on them.

The general premise does not cancel the tactical quality of the Juventus game (continuous pressing, high restart), the valuable usability of the dribble after the first advantage, the search for doubling and 3-0, a continuity of intentions that has not known the attempt to manage a comfortable result.

Once again Dybala was more decisive than Ronaldo. Both because it always marks the first goal, the one that unlocks or directs the game (it happened in Bologna, with Lecce and last night), and because of the way it does it. In the present case, his typical serpentine was invented inside the area after Behrami, in attempting an advance, had failed. The left turn was like a lighting of color on a Dutch painting.

It was just 50 ‘and Dybala’s goal (tenth in the championship) collapsed Genoa. When setting the entire performance on containment, conceding a goal means starting to collapse. I don’t blame Nicola specifically, only that I didn’t understand two things about his line-up and the management of the game: why he took Schone away at half-time (he seemed the only one capable of making the ball travel in the middle of the field) and how come he didn’t start with Sanabria (and not with the very fallacious Favilli who also risked the red) next to Pinamonti. Trentino is a talent that will explode sooner and later.

I remain intimately convinced that Juve would have won anyway, however Sanabria is more skilled than Favilli in defending the ball and picking up the team, he has a technique that also allows him to wriggle and attack the depth in a natural way.

Despite this distinction, Juve has always been the only team on the field and has had the merit of not stopping after Dybala’s prowess. Bernardeschi headed first (53 ‘out), then Ronaldo (56’), with one of his accelerations without a leash, threw a right from the edge of the area by putting the ball at the crossroads.

At that point the dominance became absolute and Juve phrased as Sarri would always like to see. Douglas Costa came in to get the usual sgranchitina all fake and tears (not muscle) and he sought a goal of his, that is with a shot on the left turn that, if Marassi had been full, would have ripped the applause even to the fans opponents.

Finally Juve was rightly relaxed and Sarri even dared to replace Ronaldo with Higuain, without the Portuguese pouting. Indeed, he came out with a smile and giving high five to his coach and all the black and white bench.

Too bad for Juve that Pinamonti’s goal arrived eight minutes from the end. In fact painless, but for a defense that, after the break, had not yet suffered a goal (including the Italian Cup) there is always a bit of disappointment (among other things Pinamonti scored from a secluded position with a volley below the crossbar).

For what it’s worth the judgment about teams that play every three days, Juve was beautiful and lively, energetic and light, resistant and creative. In theory it seems on the way to full form. But post-Covid football is treacherous and deceptive. There are no certainties.


Genoa-Juventus 1-3 (first half 0-0)

Scorers: 5 ‘st Dybala (J), 11’ st Ronaldo (J), 28 ‘st Douglas Costa (J), 31’ st Pinamonti (G).

Assist: 28 ‘st Dybala (J), 31’ st Biraschi (G).

Genoa (3-5-2): Perin; Romero, Soumaoro, Masiello; Ghiglione (17 ‘st Barreca), Behrami, Cassata (33’ st Pandev), Schone (1 ‘st Lerager), Sturaro (30’ st Biraschi); Pinamonti, Favilli (1’st Sanabria). All. Nicola.

Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Bonucci, Danilo; Bentancur, Pjanic (29 ‘st Ramsey), Rabiot (38’ st Matuidi); Bernardeschi (21 ‘st Douglas Costa), Dybala (38’ st Olivieri), Ronaldo (29 ‘st Higuain). All. Sarri.

Referee: G. Calvarese of Teramo.

Ammonites: 7 ‘pt Favilli (G), 33’ pt Schone (G), 45 ‘pt Bonucci (J); 13 ‘st Sturaro (G), 25’ Cassata (G), 35 ‘st Masiello (G).

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