Juve launch the Suarez blitz with the strategy … of Monchi: the ‘copy’ that attempts Barcelona | First page

The Dzeko operation in progress but to be unlocked, the Luis Suarez idea standing. Hours of decisive moves, key moves for the Juventus who has to find the new center forward for Andrea Pirlo. Priority to the Bosnian but the obstacles are not yet completely overcome on the axis with Rome and Naples for Milik, that’s why contacts with Luis Suarez’s lawyer go on to free him from Barcelona and really evaluate the idea of ​​bringing him to Juventus. But under what conditions?

While the Suarez’s contract is not a serious obstacle indeed Juve is already ahead on that front, the management is studying a solution for the payment of the tag of the Uruguayan. The latest idea is of emulate the strategy adopted by the former Roma director Monchi to bring Ivan Rakitic to Sevilla: given that Barça still does not want to free Suarez for free, Juve will propose a payment of a very low amount of cash as compensation plus many bonuses linked to individual performances, team victories and more. So Rakitic got the ok to go to Sevilla: 1.5 million fixed as compensation, almost 9 million in the case of various trophies, from the Europa League to the Liga, up to the qualification for the Champions League and the number of appearances. Copying this idea can be successful with Suarez, the way Barça tries but it will obviously depend on the figures. Work in progress, without forgetting Dzeko …

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