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There Juve needs a horror first half against Lecce to wake up, to unlock the game you also need two or three gifts (in sequence of Lucioni, Shkahov and Rossettini). But then it ramps up, flies to +7 over Lazio and finds the goals of its champions. There were worse fridays for Sarri … These are the report cards of

Juventus-Lecce 4-0


Szczesny s.v.: compared to Bologna he immediately goes on the pitch with the thorn attached, but he doesn’t have to work overtime.
Cuadrado 6: discontinuous, it does not suffer if attacked but almost never turns into the added attacker that would serve.
De Ligt 7: when in doubt, it towers. And he also scores.
Bonucci 6.5: commands a defense that records the fifth consecutive clean sheet.
Matuids 6: Respoli takes the only risks, then takes the measures and does his.
Bentancur 6.5: due to the expulsion of Lucioni and by and large he appears once again to be one of the few Bianconeri at best both physically and mentally (23 ‘s.t. Ramsey 6: will soon return to the owner, but it is still packed).
Pjanic 5.5: maybe when the soap opera of the exchange with Arthur is over it will come back to itself, because it is now a faded photocopy of itself. Before all the actions passed from his feet, now often and willingly he is directly bypassed by his companions. The judgment remains, even if it ends 4-0.
Rabiot 5.5: it is growing, but not enough to convince Sarri to leave him on the pitch for more than 52 minutes (7 ‘s.t. Douglas Costa 6.5: with him on the pitch is immediately another thing).
Bernardeschi 5.5: brush for Cristiano Ronaldo a perfect cross but wasted in reverse by CR7, but then fails a sensational goal from two steps on the Portuguese’s assist. In the second half he walks on Lecce like all Juve (32 ‘s.t. Bricklayer s.v.)
Dybala 7: the least worst there in the first half, does not affect but helps the maneuver. And the first good ball is decided by him with his specialty, the left turn from outside the area, the best thing of this Friday night at the Stadium (32 ‘s.t. Higuain 6.5: one gun, one shot, one goal).
Ronaldo 7: devours a sensational goal from the head and also wastes many other occasions. He is, however, quick to handle Shakhov’s error perfectly, transforming him into Dybala’s assist. That is the game that wakes him up, then gets and transforms the rigor of security, looks for the brace, finally invents for Higuain.

All. Sarri 6: he is in the lead with the maximum seasonal advantage and now the championship can only lose Juve, yet the feeling is always of a show that does not appear as it should be. Even against Lecce the performance was disappointing for long stretches, then with the numerical superiority comes the siege and the clear victory.

Gabriel 6.5: do what it can.
Respoli 6: it is he who makes himself more dangerous among his own, bad enough in defense
Vera 5.5: Ronaldo fails many conclusions with a sure blow, thanks to him more than to the defender of Lecce (32 ‘s.t. Calderoni s.v.)
Lucioni 5: an expulsion that arises from his sensational technical error and ruins a performance that so far sees in Lecce’s free practice perhaps the best in the field
Paz 5: physically suffers, but is led by his companions.
Donate 6: very good in the start on Cuadrado and Bernardeschi, he also holds a blow from the center until the entrance of Rossettini.
Petriccione 6: holds the duel with Rabiot also physically (1 ‘s.t. Rossettini 4,5: is not effective and gives Ronaldo the penalty that closes the game, and then gives De Ligt the 4-0 goal).
Tachtsidis 6: dam in front of the defense, despite the pressure always tries to restart the maneuver with a single touch.
Left on 6: if he is facing Bentancur, a bad task for anyone, but he has the experience to withstand the blow (27 ‘s.t. Barak 5.5: will serve in other circumstances).
Falcon 5.5: goblin among giants, he can’t do much (18 ‘s.t. Babacar 5.5: piece to accumulate minutes when there is nothing more to say now).
Shakhov 4.5: at the end of his game will remain the wretched outside pass that gives the advantage to Juve.

All. Liverani 5.5: Lecce seemed a sacrificial victim, without points and without hopes. Instead it starts strong, closes well and flies on the counterattack without fear. Only the expulsion of Lucioni exacerbates the technical differences with Juve, a match prepared very well but which lasts half an hour.

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