Juve, not only Milik: there is also Lacazette in the sights of Paratici | First page

In France they seem to have little doubt. Who between Atletico Madrid and Juventus should not be able to complete the assault on Arek Milik, will then fall back (as it were) on Alexandre Lacazette. Get an air of change in the house Arsenal, not revolutions: if Pierre Aubameyang should leave, hardly even the ward companion will leave the Gunners. But if in the end the renewal negotiation for the former Borussia Dortmund goes through, then the sacrifice in front would be Lacazette. And Arsenal has sent its agents to probe the market, just as they did in midfield with Lucas Torreira. Both players have therefore already knocked on Atletico Madrid’s door. If the Uruguayan midfielder for the moment has not yet arrived to start a discussion with Juventus (it cannot be excluded that this may happen in the tightest of stakes), Lacazette’s agents with the Juventus management have already started talking. THE PROFILE – A first striker who knows how to play behind the door but also to attack the depth. With international experience and a flair for goals. In short, he can play both alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala, perhaps with both. With characteristics different from those of Milik (or Gonzalo Higuain), even Lacazette knows how to meet the requirements required by the profile of the first tip that Fabio Guild is looking on the market. All without going too far with the requests of Arsenal or the player. In short, it can be done. Although it is still early and all tied to the end word on the Higuain issue, considering how in the Juventus project there is room for two strikers: one like Milik or Lacazette, plus a young man like Andrea Pinamonti or Kaio Jorge. In any case, the Polish player is still firmly ahead, the opening of Napoli to an exchange with Luca Pellegrini or Federico Bernardeschi make the Milik operation even more viable. But it is not the only one. And Lacazette is perhaps more than just a plan B.

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