Juve on Florenzi: the exchange idea with Roma | Market

In small steps. Despite the limited time available – the season will begin in less than a month – Juve are moving on the market but without accelerating too much. And so does Rome, which awaits the closure of the transfer of ownership from Pallotta and partners to the Friedkin group. The two clubs, however, thanks to their excellent relations, always talk to each other, closing business that is sporty and economically useful. And so, he explains The Romanist, here is a possibility for a Spinazzola-Pellegrini bis, which involves Florenzi. His card is worth between 12 and 15 million euros (net capital gain being a product of the youth sector), Fienga and Paratici are thinking about a new exchange, with Romero or Rugani as Juventus counterparts.

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