Juve, Pirlo wants a true center forward. Not only Jimenez, Milik and Zapata: all names | First page

The accounts are herewho are. Then we wonder about even excellent sales, even the most excellent of all, see Cristiano Ronaldo and / or Paulo Dybala. But for now there are no offers that can move Juventus from the decision to renounce its most decisive champions. Thus the work of Andrea Pirlo on a tactical level, being studied, is devoted to the coexistence of Ronaldo and Dybala. With a certainty of the market: whether you play with 4-3-3, with 3-4-1-2 or with any other system, you need a first striker at an international level. Between the pitch and the balance sheet, the casting has been underway for some time, Juve works on several tables.


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