Juve pushes for the termination of the contract, but Khedira raises: ‘I want to return healthy to win together’ | First page

A message. Long, very long. Seemingly aimed at fans. It is that of Sami Khedira, to take stock of another lost season and relaunch one’s commitment to new challenges. In black and white. That’s why Khedira’s message actually seems to be aimed at societyseems to be part of that negotiation resumed for the termination of the contract which is proving anything but simple and straightforward. Of course, two words Khedira really wanted to spend them for the fans, also to respond to the criticisms of those who noticed his absence on the occasion of Juve-Sampdoria and especially of those who now consider him a finished player. But cWith this message, the German and all his entourage wanted to reiterate once again their will to stay, underlining how much the resolution proposed by Juve at this moment would be anything but consensual. It is no coincidence that the player’s first response was that of a masked refusal: it can be canceled, but he wants all the money from the last year of the contract. A wall against a wall for now. But the negotiation is set to continue, however complicated it is. THE MESSAGE – This is the message posted in the morning on Khedira’s social profiles: “Very hard season for me! While I’m obviously excited about the success of our team and the ninth consecutive championship, the weather since December has been extremely frustrating for me personally. Two major injuries have limited me to just 18 games this season. I simply expect a lot more from myself! However, every time you fall you have to get up again! This has been my attitude during my 14-year professional career so far, during which I have been able to win 20 titles in three of the best leagues in Europe. Believe me, I work very hard on myself every day, to return as quickly as possible and I am convinced that I can return to my old levels. All the bianconeri also know that I am here only because I really love and respect this great club, the fans, the square and the unparalleled history of Juve! Since I came here 5 years ago we have already made an incredible journey and there is still a trophy to win this season. I will continue to give all I have to finally get back in shape because not only do I love our club, football and Juventus colors, but I also believe that we can continue to write the history of Juve together!“.

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