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Marash Kumbulla’s intrigue for the future continues, far from resolved. Because in the past week the Lazio met Verona by putting on the table an important offer for the 2000 class defender that we told you about: 20 million plus one player of your choice among several opportunities, an overall assessment of 26 million which did not convince Hellas to the point of shaking hands and closing. Here because the ball remains today in Lotito but Verona wants more, there is no agreement concluded despite the optimism of the past few days. Listen “Juve reveals the cards for Kumbulla: Inter changes strategy, Lazio has not yet closed” on Spreaker.

CHANGE OF STRATEGY – The wall of President Setti and CEO D’Amico remains high: those who want Kumbulla must pay out over 30 million bonuses included, otherwise nothing will be done. Juventus has definitively discovered its cards because it has never made a real and convincing offer: stopped at contacts, dialogues, proposed young people without ever really getting close to the Verona center, a step back which also makes clear the attempt to disturb Inter. What about the Nerazzurri leadership? Kumbulla has given priority to Inter since January but the Hakimi operation has slowed the dialogue with Hellas: spending over 70 million for the two young people would have meant going to crazy expenses, that’s why Inter changes strategy and will evaluate the idea to return to Kumbulla for defense only later, today he is on stand-by to give priority to the full back of Real Madrid. Match point for Lazio: close immediately (but it is far from obvious …) or everything will reopen. Hellas does not offer discounts. And the intrigue continues …

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