Juve, Sarri at JTv: ‘5 minutes of madness, it happens. But I saw a lot of football ‘| A league

Maurizio Sarri spoke to JTV after the knockout against Milan: “It was five minutes of madness. We did very well for 62 ‘, in double advantage without conceding anything to the opponents, in absolute mastery of the game. It came out of this penalty and from that episode we we disappeared from the match for 15 ‘. We took 3 goals in 4’, he explains everything. A total blackout that must not weigh on us playing every three days, we must think about the positive aspects. For 60 ‘I have seen one of the most beautiful Juventus of the season, he was playing nice football and so much sitting there thinking about the reasons for a blackout may come out of 2000 but it is useless to think about it. We must have the strength to wipe out that quarter of an hour and start over from the positive, since there is no time for analysis.

This is the feeling, the confusion. But then there would be no great motivation for this. The team had great command, it was a rather casual goal. So you could start 2-1 and bring the game to the bottom without problems. Sometimes it happens, more often in this period, useless to bandage your head and think about it too much.

The positive thing? At times a world-class dribble. Exchanges in the strait, fast, first. I like it and I would always like to see it in my teams and tonight we did it with great quality and continuity “.

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