Juve, Sarri: ‘I hope Pjanic will stay again next season. Higuain suffered, Rabiot … ‘| Market

Maurizio Sarri, coach of the Juve, he commented to Sky Sport the game won 4-0 by the bianconeri against Lecce. Many topics touched, from Rabiot and Douglas Costa in Higuain and Pjanic.

PROGRESS – “I saw a game that was more painful from the physical point of view, in the initial part it was hard to fuel. A nice mentality because in the closed game we continued to attack, to play, and I like it very much. Every three days these difficulties can happen, they are normal. The numerical superiority has allowed us to take advantage of the difficulties of others. Pressure? We think about us, we do results and the continuity of this evening, despite the initial difficulties, had a mentality that I liked “.

ABOUT HIGUAIN – “As I said at the conference, he had a difficult time on a personal and global level. Covid hit him a lot. He came back and had an injury, now he is settling down. I’m glad he scored immediately on wonderful Cristiano ball. He will give us a lot in the season finale “.

ATTITUDE – “The attitude of the central was very high, always very high. I had it constantly in front and they were 20 meters in front of the opposing half of the field. Defending very well forward. The midfielders suffered from the initial physical stage, they fueled on a hot evening, with little training. Bentancur gave us the charge, he was one of the first to react after 20 minutes. Pjanic growing, Rabiot’s replacement has nothing to do with what he did. Tactical substitution, we wanted breadth in superiority and we raised Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa “.

ON DOUGLAS COSTA – “On the bench it is an extraordinary weapon at a time of the season in which the opponents may be subject to strong drops in the second half. Having him there can upset the game when you enter. Let’s not get in touch with him … he also understands this, but you have to keep him motivated and start him every now and then “.

ABOUT PJANIC – “I don’t know if Pjanic no longer plays for Juve. We don’t care, the market starts in September. Until the end of August he will be with us, I hope he will stay even later, but these are decisions that we will see later. I hope it has no repercussions, he is a professional and a very intelligent boy, he is one who understands situations very quickly. I don’t know anything about an exchange with Arthur, but even if it were I don’t have big worries. “

ABOUT HIGUAIN – “He has had a difficult time, both personally and globally. Let’s talk about something that struck him a lot, he left a strong mark on him. He thought that playing football was something not to deal with, and therefore he had a very difficult time. I am happy that he scored immediately, he is certainly an important player for us, he will give us a lot ”.

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