Juve, Sarri: ‘Ronaldo and Dybala are looking for more, on Bentancur and Pjanic …’ | A league

The technician of the Juve Maurizio Sarri He analyzed the match won against Genoa on the microphones of Sky Sport:

Was that the victory of patience, or three stars, tonight?
“It seems to me that the team did well, even in the first half. We often came to shooting, without conceding anything. On a good team performance, three pearls of the singles came out: we made three beautiful goals. The team after the disappointment of the Italian Cup has recovered very well, but it was only a matter of growing physical condition “.

Did you say anything special to Pjanic before the game? Did the Lazio result affect you?
“I haven’t talked to Miralem these days. We did it often during the lockdown, together we asked ourselves the reasons behind his drop in condition, a more mental than physical drop. In this period I’m sure he will do very well, I’m seeing very integrated with my teammates and staff, so I have no worries. I don’t even know if the boys knew the result of Lazio, at the end of the warm-up I didn’t hear any comments about it, as it should be. We have to think about ours results, making us condition as little as possible “.

Does Bentancur in that role give his best? And the proof of Rabiot?
“Rabiot’s performance is positive, he is growing. Everyone expects a lot from him, and it is not easy for him. He has not played for seven months at PSG, he has changed country and he has changed football. Then he had a physical problem, c ‘was also the interruption. But it is growing. ”

The teammates are not conditioned by Ronaldo, and give the ball to who is better positioned?
“In the first half he went to the conclusion five times, so it means he was served more than he should. Cristiano often plays to free himself from the shot, but when he decides to move the ball quickly he is the strongest of all.”

What did you think when you replaced it? Did you fear a reaction?
“Honestly, I was going to replace Dybala, then I veered on Ronaldo, who played for many minutes. We discussed it in the past few days, he knew that he would be out on three at zero, and he did it with serenity”.

Has anything changed in the feeling between him and Dybala?
“Something has changed in terms of movements, but they have learned to look for more. They realized that by benefiting from each other both benefit. It is something that I noticed also in training.”

Will Buffon be titled in the derby?
“I don’t know, the game has been over forty minutes. Gigi has signed the renewal, he has many games available to beat the record.”

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