Juve, Sarri: ‘Sixty minutes of world level, it is not time to make trials’ | First page

Maurizio Sarri, coach of the Juventus, speaks after the knockout, 4-2, against the Milan. These are his words a Dazn: “” Today we had 60 minutes of world level, we were in control, then we had a blackout without going total for fifteen minutes, which also happened to other teams in this period. We are doing well, then there are difficult moments with high training temperatures, a difficult moment. This is not the time for the trials, it could make us lose what we have achieved “.

THE EPISODE – “In defense he suffered in the blackout, until the penalty we had not granted much, when there are these moments you can have all too, the absences are not the reasons. Higuain did what he could do, in the predictions. Lazio? I don’t think the Lazio game has had an impact, the feeling is no, the blackout came after the penalty “.

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