Juve: the point on Kean and Giroud | Market

In case of yes from Milik to Roma, quick green light to Dzeko at Juve, which evidently aims to close the game quickly. In fact, logic says that the deal on the Freccia Rossa Naples-Rome-Turin will arrive at its destination on schedule.

What if Milik says no? Well, say Suarez now we know everything. Always according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, alternatively, Olivier’s candidacy remains Giroud, under contract with Chelsea. It is perhaps a secondary hypothesis, but certainly not to be excluded: the French Chelsea player is more than an outsider and has an advantage, he can be bought with just 5 million.

Apart from the discourse on the alternative to number 9, the center forward theoretically for the bench: the name of Moise is on the Juventus agenda Kean, because they like the idea of ​​a return. Such as? On loan with obligation to redeem, perhaps with payment in two years, from Everton.

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