Juve-Toro is also a derby between information giants | First page

Just like it used to be. When a ball game was also the expression of the non-football power of those who governed the history of the country. Industrialists, oilmen, shipowners, film producers all with the ball of the ball to satisfy their ego and for their personal fun stimulated by passion. They invested in toys and often lost money. But they were happy like that.

Information giants were also part of this club. The Agnelli whose patriarch, Gianni, owned Fiat, Juventus and the newspaper La Stampa. Angelo Rizzoli, president of great Milan, acted as counterpoint, founder of a great editorial empire supported by books and magazines. Their information products also served as a sounding board for their sporting creatures albeit in a very discreet way. A prudence definitively canceled by the descent on the pitch of Silvio Berlusconi and his incredible media firepower lavished by newspapers and televisions. Until it lasted.

Just at the side of the Knight, the president of Turin learned bones and learned so much Urban Cairo, who today legitimately considered the only pure publisher existing in the Italian scenario. His the Corriere della Sera and the Gazzetta dello Sport. His glossy weeklies and art magazines taken over by Giorgio Mondadori. Its La7 or one of the most popular and successful TV channels. Today, just with his Turin, Urbano Cairo will try to challenge the Juventus superpower that belongs to Andrea Agnelli and that is to the cousin of those who govern the entire empire left behind by the lawyer.

If there is a certain air of divestment around the FCA, the climate surrounding John Elkann’s editorial ambitions is quite different. With his Gedi, part of Exor, he entered arrogantly to expand into the world of information by acquiring the Espresso Group, namely La Repubblica and the constellation of small satellite newspapers. Added to La Stampa and to the Secolo di Genova, it all forms a media monolith of rare power. All he needs is a television network, then the clash with Cairo will be truly titanic. This afternoon’s derby will also be this.

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