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Football, if you don’t want to fail you have to change …

The transfer market, you know, changes quickly.
This year then it is really difficult to interpret and not only for the times and the anomalous ways in which it is taking place.
There is a great financial crisis in the world of football (and not only, unfortunately …) which, as rightly pointed out by the president Andrea Agnelli at the ECA assembly, is destined to worsen in the coming years.
“We will have to change the way we operate” is the appeal launched by the presidentissimo that we hope will not fall on deaf ears.
If his alarm cry goes unheard, thinking about future corporate failures in series in the medium / short term is a far from pessimistic hypothesis to be hypothesized.

Juve revolution postponed
Also for this reason, due to the evident lack of liquidity, the Juve revolution necessary and already requested by Allegri at the end of the 2019 season will again be sent back to Juventus, as it did for Sarri last summer.
On the other hand, the rookie Andrea Pirlo was also selected for these reasons, to make the most of the current Juventus team without exaggerating in who knows what market demands, which probably would have been difficult with the confirmation of the champion coach. ‘Italy in office.
Few (and cheap) but targeted shots, this is what the new Juventus coach asked the club as soon as he sneaked onto the Juventus bench.

Dzeko, Pirlo’s chosen one

For the attack, dismissed quickly and without any regrets Higuain, a name above all from the beginning was indicated by the former Juventus number 21 as the chosen one to cover the role of center forward of his new Juventus: that of Edin Dzeko, Bosnian striker born in 1986 under Roma.
Evidently it was thought that the new Giallorossi property would have willingly accepted to get rid of a player comfortably on the avenue of the sunset and with a very heavy salary to be paid for the Capitoline coffers having among other things already identified for some time the alternative in Milik of Naples .
However, the exorbitant requests of De Laurentiis blocked everything, complicating and not just the Old Lady’s market.
Without Milik’s arrival in Trigoria, in fact, the chances that Dzeko can leave Roma are close to zero, even more so now after the new tragic injury of Zaniolo (to which our greatest good luck goes for a new speedy recovery ) which practically leaves Edin with the only real Giallorossi symbol on which Fonseca will be able to build the new season.
With Zaniolo’s injury and without a valid alternative in the squad, it would be really crazy for the new Giallorossi president Friedkin to introduce himself to the new public by selling the most representative player in the squad, having also already sold in the meantime the most charismatic one (Kolarov all ‘Inter).

Suarez the opportunity, but until when?
With all these premises, it is clear that Juventus’ market strategies had to change quickly.
Suarez, who until 10 days ago was not part of the Juventus plans (or at least was clearly a secondary goal) has quickly become the number 1 candidate to wear the Juventus striker’s jersey during the next season.
To date, to hinder his arrival in Turin, as well as some economic evaluations to be filed and agreed to the end, the lack of the community passport that he is trying to obtain in a hurry to become able and enlistable for the new Juve of Pirlo.
And it is precisely the passport issue that makes us reflect fully on the real goals at Juventus during this period.
If Luis Suarez had been the number one goal of the Juventus attack right from the start, would the Juventus management have rushed to sign up the American McKennie?
Ok the bet, the young prospect to bet on and everything else, but if Suarez were to lose the opportunity for bureaucracy, who would explain it to Pirlo afterwards?
It is clear that the ‘gunslinger’ opportunity arose during construction because otherwise Juventus would never have immediately registered McKennie but would have left him at least on standby, waiting for Suarez to have then vacated his place once he had obtained the passport.
Today, however, we are living the story in reverse with the American who took the last place as a non-EU citizen available to the detriment of the Uruguayan who only has to race against time to obtain a community passport in a short time to be registered.
Oh yes, because if something should go wrong in the meantime, as already happened for Dzeko, Juventus will have to change its transfer plans again in the running (in order not to be left with a fistful of flies in hand …) without being able to count on liquidity needed to look for a big hit, unless in the meantime it will not be able to sell some players cheaply (and not only therefore terminations and good exits to redundancies …), something that has been happening less and less in recent years….


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