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Paratici, what a sensational U-turn!

He has done very well in several seasons, he has not only won the Europa League. He had a good run, showing a good game. He deserved to be Juventus coach. We won the ninth consecutive championship and lost an Italian Cup on penalties, we cannot be influenced by external judgments. So on with Sarri? Sure. We are focused on this match, the rest is secondary. “
“It wasn’t last night’s match against Lyon that led us to this decision. We have been making our assessments for some time, we had our ideas, the result of a whole season’s journey. “

If anyone thinks that these statements at the beginning of the piece are the result of opinions expressed by two people with completely different views, it is totally out of the way.
The sensational “U” inversion (in less than 24 hours) is by Fabio Paratici, the real loser due to the exoneration of Maurizio Sarri.
He, who defying Andrea Agnell last year forced the expulsion of Massimiliano Allegri (supported by Pavel Nedved) against the will of the President, today accepts without any resistance the counter-flip that totally eliminates his choice of the previous year, practically de-legitimizing him in the eyes of all.
A sign of strong downsizing for the whole environment?

Welcome Pirlo

Certainly the choice of Andrea Pirlo (welcome, indeed welcome back) as the new Juventus coach is a complete leap into the void, a risky bet, a choice dictated more by the stomach than by the head.
The footballer Andrea Pirlo was an exemplary professional, an absolute phenomenon, an undisputed leader, one of the strongest and most decisive Italian players (and not only) of all time.
But who is the coach Andrea Pirlo? What features does it have? What skills do you have to improve the Juventus team? What experience do you have to make Juventus fans dream? What module do you play with? Which of your great coaches of the past are you inspired by?
If last year’s questionable turnover (that from Allegri to Sarri) still had at least a basic idea (to improve the quality of the game expressed), this year’s is a poker game in the dark. A hole card hand, an all-in where you have everything to lose.
How can you think today of going to win the Champions League next year, the true goal of the property by now, with a coach who has never coached any professional team in his life?
It is not obvious, and history teaches us, the combination of winning footballer and winning coach.
At Juventus there is already a certainly not reassuring precedent in this regard with Ciro Ferrara, extraordinary on the field but less on the bench (today he works brilliantly as a television commentator).
We quickly passed from the specter of Sarri as a possible new Maifredi to that of Pirlo as a possible new Ferrara.
With all due respect to the aforementioned protagonists, the amazing Cristiano Ronaldo seen at work in the Champions League in these two years deserves much more certainty for his career finale.

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