Juwara fairy tale, the foster mother to CM: ‘From the trip on the boat to the goal of San Siro: I’ll tell you Musa’ | First page

Impossible to hide the emotion. The voice of Loredana, Musa Juwara’s foster mother, is full of joy when she rewinds the album of memories that binds her to the Bologna striker who yesterday started the comeback of Bologna against Inter. A special goal, a heavy goal. “I felt happy,” says Loredana Bruno to She, a lawyer from Potenza, who in 2016 decided to adopt the little Muse. Its history starts from afar, from Tujereng, a small village of 5,646 inhabitants in Gambia, where it was born on the day of Boxing Day in 2001. From Gambia he moved to Senegal with his brother, before attempting the journey of hope across the Mediterranean.

HOSPITALITY – Musa can’t swim, the trip is expensive: to finance the crossing is the work of his brother in the fields. In Sicily the Red Cross welcomes him in June 2016, when he is still 15 years old. Juwara is alone, he is sent to a reception center in the province of Potenza. To link past and present, homeland and new life is the ball, synonymous with hope and a tool as simple as ever banal. Loredana continues: “Here some boys invite him to play in Virtus Avigliano, where my husband trained (Vitantonio Summa, ed). This is how, instead of leaving him on the street, they helped him by making him play football. “Musa joins the team, but after two seasons a problem arises: the FIGC regulation prohibits the registration of unaccompanied non-EU minors. “The urgent appeal to the Court of Potenza was decisive, without which he could not play“recalls the foster mother, who says:” When he arrived he had language problems: he was struggling with Italian, I made an effort with an English course. The first and only request he made was school. He knew well that every road, football or otherwise, must be accompanied by culture“And so Musa discovers middle school: Loredana and Vitantonio become his adoptive parents, for him he begins a real football career.

CLIMBING – In November 2016, after a few auditions with Inter and Juve, he moved to Chievo, before a short parenthesis on loan to Turin. Last year, the relegation of the clivensis opens the gates of Bologna, where Walter Sabatini smells the deal. The insertion in the Spring first, the summons of Mihajlovic in the first team then. Yesterday the greatest joy, the goal of San Siro celebrated with a liberating scream that combines a long and particular past. “I’m not a football fan, but everyone chews the ball at home. Yesterday was probably the first game I didn’t see, they told me that maybe I’m the one who brings bad luck (laughs, ed). I discovered the goal thanks to phone calls and messages, I was very happy“And what about Musa?” She is thrilled to die, she knows she has to be careful of these spotlights. But he lives in a simple way and dreams of being able to return to find his family of origin in Africa, with whom he still maintains contact. ” Football stories full of meaning and meanings. Stories of boys, ready to become men. Thanks to the ball and more.

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