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Lazio 2-1 Fiorentina

Strakosha 6: After the empty exit (in the truest sense of the word) against Atalanta, on Ribery’s goal he doesn’t have many faults, save the team on Castrovilli at the beginning of the second half. Thank the crossbar on Ghezzal.

Patric 6: Lazio often rely on him to try to start the action, Ribery’s goal starts from his opposition which is not exactly strenuous.

Acerbi 6: Good on Cutrone, very careful, but the defense risks big and he must continually put patches on patches.

Bastos 6.5: After the lucid performance in the last chaotic minutes against Atalanta, Inzaghi throws him in the starting line. He has wing numbers, by now you know (fine dribbling in the first half), but the insane intervention could cost him dear. And Inzaghi didn’t like it.
(From 1 ‘st Radu 6: Attentive, expert, settles the defense a bit. Where it does not arrive with breath, it goes with anger and pride).

Lazzari 6.5: One of the most fit, a real arrow, puts Dalbert in difficulty when he goes with high gears. One of the best on the field until the end.
(35 ‘st Marusic)

Milinkovic 6: He presented himself with a super goal against the Goddess, the one with Fiorentina is now a kind of soap opera (in addition to a sensational no of the now well-known market). Game that grows thick, slowly, often also helps his in the interdiction phase.

Word 6: Without Leiva and Cataldi, in midfield this time it’s up to him. He must take Ribery, who moves a lot at the beginning, and immediately catches a yellow that is uncomfortable to manage. His the very dangerous header that is the first testimony of reaction to Ribery’s goal, difficult to restrain. Behind him, purple midfielders often slip

Luis Alberto 6.5: He tries to give quality to the maneuver even from below, he is often searched, he is the center of the game but he suffers a game under the rhythm of his. It grows in the second half, level up, and pulls an incredible game out of the cylinder, alone, with 3 points hit after a favorable detour. Silence opponents and some criticism too.
(From 45 ‘st Anderson s.v.)

Jony 5.5: It is not particularly incisive, Lazio prefers to attack on the right and he niche up to the blow in a clear sky that tests the reflexes of the opposing goalkeeper. A few blazes.
(From 35 ‘st Lukaku s.v.)

Caicedo 7: This time Inzaghi resolves the dualism with Correa in his favor, the first ring of the match (with his head held high) is his. In the first half the signs of life are all his (perhaps there was also a penalty on him even in the first half). Earn a penalty of fundamental importance.
(from 22 ‘Correa 5.5: It doesn’t do much, to be honest: much better Caicedo, a little impalpable).

Property 6.5: Against Atalanta it seemed popped, against Fiorentina it is not much better, it has a dangerous offside opportunity and that’s it, a symbol of poverty not only his, but also his. He has the opportunity to recapture the game and the championship: he scores a penalty of paramount importance, then he could also double down but shoot high. A single heavy shot redeems two mediocre games.

Att. Inzaghi 6.5: He said it: now it’s hard for the Scudetto. His start a little cumbersome, with Viola well placed on the pitch. His effort is beastly, Immobile’s rigor completely changes the race and is the key episode. He enjoys the return of victory and can finally return to smiling.

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