Lazio, Immobile: ‘Sometimes people don’t understand that we have been stuck for three months. Anger after Bergamo, the record … ‘| A league

Ciro Building, striker of the Lazio, so he spoke to DAZN at the end of the game won in comeback against Fiorentina: “We are happy with the result, with how we turned it upside down showing the spirit of this team. Sometimes people don’t understand that we have been three months still and that we cannot be the same as the pre-lockdown. I am satisfied with my and my team’s tests: in the first half we went in rhythm but we were coming from a demanding trip, the restart was really tough. We have to go on without looking at the classification, doing as at the beginning of this season fantastic. “

You were angry after Bergamo.

“Yes, disappointed. As it came: we were 0-2, failing the knockout blow two or three times, then gnawing. In the second half we had an excellent race, the initial difficulties are there but we have to grit our teeth”.

Do you think of Higuain’s record?

“No, because I have had all the time at home to do it. Now I think to look forward, and what will come will come. I also know that I am not the same as before, I have to get better physically.”

Message to Inter and Juve?

“No, to those who turned the spotlight on us after the defeat of Bergamo, as if we had lost an easy game. We didn’t have the presumption to go there to dominate: we did it for half an hour, but it went badly”.

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