Lazio ko, Inzaghi: ‘Episodes not in our favor, heavy defeat. But let’s not give up ‘| A league

Simone Inzaghi, coach of the Lazio, speak to Dazn after the 3-0 knockout against Milan: “It is a defeat that weighs as regards the run-up to Juve, we had objective difficulties, we were not very lucky in the key episodes. The first half we scored goals on the goal and penalty, and when we could reopen it, after two minutes we took Rebic’s goal which ended the game. It’s a heavy defeat but we won’t give up an inch, we always believe it. Playing 4 games in less than 2 weeks is difficult. ”

ON THE SCUDETTO – “We know the path we have taken, we have no intention of giving up, we continue on our way”.

ABOUT ‘SUBSTITUTES’ – “Correa with Caicedo and Immobile would not have played, he had a calf problem before the first game in Bergamo, he had to grit his teeth. Like Leiva, who trained for the first time yesterday; while Adekanye we decided to risk it this morning. So many problems that at the moment did not take us. Difficult to overturn a game like this, if he had scored Lazzari 2-1 it would have been another game. We had never done, in these three years, a game without Caicedo and Immobile, I had if I had Adekanye at full speed I would have played with him. ”

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