Lazio market, be careful: Inter want to try the sudden insertion | Market

The market and football played together. The managing director of Inter Marotta admitted this, speaking of the Lautaro case: “At this moment, unfortunately, the competitive part is contemporary with the transfer market “. It also applies to Kumbulla: Inter will face their Verona tonight.

LAZIO AND INTER MARKET – On Kumbulla, as reported by the newspaper, there is also Inter. The transfer market like the championship: Inter want to enter the Scudetto fight again, and at the same time continue to monitor Kumbulla. Which, coincidentally, Juventus and Lazio like a lot, for the time being ahead of them all thanks to the meeting between the president of Verona Setti and Lotito, in the headquarters of the 1 Biancoceleste team.

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