Lazio, not only Patric, Adekanye and Correa: Peruzzi also absent in retreat | A league

The Covid also hangs over the Lazio. So the company decided to avert any danger and isolated the group, which had left for Auronzo di Cadore, from some controversial case. No communication of successful tampons, but Adekanye, Patric is Correa they remain in Rome to train individually. They have been on holiday in contact with subjects who have contracted the virus, with them also the dt Peruzzi in Formello. So we read in today’s edition of The messenger. In the shipment that started yesterday afternoon at 5.15 pm from Fiumicino, here is the new purchase Escalante, absent in recent days in the sports center. Yesterday morning in the athletic tests sigh of relief for Unripe, Lazzari as always it was the best and the most responsive. Waiting for the friend Fares, on the right already puts the turbo.

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