Lazio, Parolo against Paquetà: ‘It takes respect!’ | A league

Marco Parolo, Lazio midfielder, speaks to Lazio Style Radio after the home knockout against the Milan: “The game was up to the third goal decided by two episodes, a deviation and a penalty. In this period such situations have a lot of impact, if we had shortened with Lazzari it would have been different, after the 3-0 it was difficult to react mentally too We have to reset today’s game and recharge in view of Tuesday’s race, an important game awaits us from where we can start again. We are 7 points behind Juve and that of the Scudetto was a dream, but the goal of the season was another: the Champions League. We have our awareness, then the many absences have affected, it is not easy at this moment in the championship. of possible points to see where we will get. We still have two days to recover, we hope to recover some other players besides Caicedo and Immobile, who will return. Paquetà? It takes respect for the ‘opponent and at that moment did not prove it, but it ended there. ”

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