Lazio sees the abyss but does not give up: Fiorentina reversed 2-1 with Immobile and Luis Alberto, Juve at +4. Ribery pearl | First page

Three points, Scudetto still possible: there Lazio by Simone Inzaghi was already at the decisive crossroads of his season, in the second game after the post-shootinglockdown: at 9:45 pm at the Olympic Stadium in Rome the biancocelesti go under and see the abyss, but then they turn the 2-1 upside down Fiorentina by Beppe Iachini, thanks to Immobile’s goals on a penalty (28 in the league) caused by an intervention by Dragowski on Caicedo and Luis Alberto (5 in the championship, polemical exultation), which thwarted the goal from Ribery’s phenomenon in the first half. Lazio had only one result available, the victory following Bergamo’s knockout against Atalanta and Juventus’ victory last night against Lecce, which leaves the Bianconeri with more than four. Three points to chase the Scudetto dream, to redeem the first defeat since January but also to defend the second place from the pursuers Inter and Atalanta, respectively at minus 4 and minus 8. In front of one Violet who started again not at best, drawing at home against the tail light Brescia: the red zone is seven points away, but finds a great Ribery and also complains about a bit of bad luck, for the Ghezzal crossbar and some arbitration decisions.

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