Lazio, the problem against Atalanta lies in the legs: Inzaghi had said it | A league

Lazio in Bergamo has proven to be on the legs. As reported by Corriere della Sera, one of the main causes of the biancoceleste defeat is not in the head, or in the technique, but in the duration of the batteries. Lazio after 30 minutes suffered a lot of effort. Inzaghi had said it: “I found the players packed”.

LAZIO PHYSICAL PROBLEM – If the athletic trainer Ripert had been rightly celebrated in the long series of positive useful results – 21 – this time it touches to him to give enamel to Lazio. Even in the last test before Atalanta, against Ternana, the team had played only 45 minutes. Too few to get back in shape, and the result, in the second half in Bergamo, was disheartening: too much effort, Lazio is no longer a model of physical preparation. He must quickly return to high gear.

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